Strengthening Young Families is dedicated to providing families
with the support, information and resources that can help them
help their children to thrive. Our primary focus is upon newly
parenting couples, especially those who may be unmarried,
younger, financially struggling and/or with literacy challenges.

Happy, healthy families can come in many forms:  headed by two
parents or one, by a relative or adoptive or foster parents, or by
parents of different or the same genders.  But research shows that
children benefit when healthy, stable families stay together.  

Research also shows that most American infants, even those born
to unmarried mothers, are actually born to a mother and a father
who are romantically involved, and who hope and intend to raise
their child together.  Couples that succeed in staying together tend
to experience greater economic success, health, and reported
happiness, as do their children.  

Young families face many stresses, however.  Parents may
struggle with the needs of the child, decisions about their future as
a couple, and practical needs like money, jobs, and housing.  
Their efforts to be a family team can also be undermined by
programs which erroneously identify unmarried mothers as
"single" and therefore fail to serve the family as a family.  

Strengthening Young Families seeks to support parents,
especially in these high stress areas.  Our
for parents focus on three important goals:
  • Safe and healthy child raising
  • Family financial stability
  • Safe, healthy, and stable families

We also advocate for positive
public policies and programs,
which can help to support and nurture children and their families.  

Many young parents are working hard to build a strong future for
their children and their families.  We aim to support their efforts.
Strengthening Young Families

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